Tips for Injecting Insulin

Today, diabetes affects millions worldwide. While many times it is brought by lifestyle and dietary habits, it can also be genetic. One of the most effective treatments for diabetes comes in the form of insulin injections. However, when administering an insulin injection, you require a better understanding and the best techniques to reduce the pain. It is, therefore, necessary to be educated on administering these doses so that you don’t run into any problems.


With the proper information and treatment, you can cope with the disease while living a productive life. The first step to take when you have diabetes is to get to know the condition better. Having a better understanding of what you are facing can help you control the situation efficiently. However, the following tips should go a long way in assisting you to administer the insulin injections efficiently and with little or no pain.

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Tips for Injecting Insulin:

  1. Apply these injections in the thighs, abdomen, and back of the upper arm where possible. Insulin doses are rapidly absorbed when injected into these areas. This is necessary for reducing the pain as well as avoiding the areas close to the bones. You can also administer at the hip and buttock areas.


  1. Choose a new location for injections each time. Also known as the site rotation, helps avoid injecting the same area repeatedly. Repeated doses in the same area may develop fat deposits that can make your skin look bumpy and delay the absorption of insulin.


  1. Apply your injections in the same general area each time. For example, if your morning insulin was on your abdomen, your afternoon or evening on your arm, then maintain the consistency for better absorption of the insulin.


  1. When exercising a specific part of your body, beware of increased insulin absorption in the particular area. For example, an injection on your thigh when running will get absorbed quickly, which may lead to hypoglycemia while you are exercising.


  1. You can either inject the needle straight into your flesh or at an angle. Insert the needle straight in, at the areas with plenty of fat, and at an angle of the less-tissue stretches.


  1. Temperature conditions. Heat makes the blood vessels to dilate, increasing the circulation and hence a rapid insulin absorption. Therefore, you may have to avoid taking hot showers right after your insulin dosage.


  1. Wait a few seconds before pulling the needle out. This ensures no insulin is leaking out.


  1. Choose the appropriate needle size. You should consider your body fat, the mode of injection, and the amount of insulin while choosing a needle. If you take a higher dosage, you may have to pick a needle with a larger diameter for a faster flow so you won’t have to push hard.


Besides, remember that an insulin shot could be injected into any parts of your body that are rich in tissue and has large blood vessels and nerves. Therefore, it’s best to shoot it to the part of your body where bones are not too close to the muscle like the abdomen. Again, you should also avoid having different needle directions once the skin is penetrated.